Happy Internaut Day!

Happy Internaut Day!

Today is Internaut Day. Internaut Day celebrates the day that Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, forever opening the internet to the public.

Today, 25 years after his creation, Internaut Day is a renowned cult holiday on the web. It is trending on Twitter right now. The title Internaut, much like the English word astronaut, was created by combining the Greek word “nauta” meaning “traveler” with the English word “internet.”

The internet came to the public in stages. Before it was a universal tool, the government used it during the Cold War. The government’s computer network, ARPAnet, was created by an M.I.T. scientist in 1965 to remedy the potential disaster of long distance communication lines being destroyed with one missile.

In the beginning, only four computers were connected to ARPAnet. However, that number grew rapidly along with the difficulty of integrating each network into a worldwide internet. Vinton Cerf fixed this problem by inventing a way for all networks to communicate with one another called Transmission Control Protocol.

Cerf’s invention dominated communication in the 1980s. Following T.C.P., a Swiss computer programmer by the named of Tim Berners-Lee was tinkering with his own invention. By 1991 Burners-Lee had helped the internet change once again. The World Wide Web was crucial to creating the internet as we know it today.

Only one year after Berners-Lee’s invention, a group of students at the University of Illinois created a web browser, the first web browser, called Mosaic.

Now, almost one-third of the 6.8 billion people in the world use the internet regularly, according to History.com.

To celebrate Internaut Day and the creation of the system allowing me to post this blog today, let’s take a look at the most famous things ever posted on the internet.

  • Most Popular Websites Over Time
    Search engines are extremely popular on the internet. Google is the most popular search engine of all time. However, the search engine Alta Vista dominated the web during the 1990s. Shopping sites over time have been popular. Ebay and Amazon are two of the most popular sites we still use today. Amazon was created in 1994, and Ebay was created in 1995. Social networking sites have also dominated the internet for some time. Originally, MySpace was the leading social network. The first event ever organized through a social media site was a protest against Congress’ proposed changes to immigration laws organized by students in California. Facebook and Twitter are now the leading social media sites.
  • Viral Videos
    One of the best ways to become famous on the internet today is to create a viral video. A viral video is a video that garners a large amount of views in a small amount of time. The first viral video is contested throughout the internet. A large amount of sources, including the Daily Buzz, Metro UK, and more,  consider the video “Numa Numa” made in 2003 to be the first viral video before the video site YouTube was created. It features a man lip syncing to the Romanian song “Dragostea Din Tei” by the band O-Zone. The HubSpot blog claims the first YouTube viral video is a Saturday Night Live sketch called “Lazy Sunday.” It was posted in December of 2005, and it hit five million views until NBC asked YouTube to take it down in February of 2006.
  • Memes
    Memes have become an extremely popular way of spreading humor across the internet. Some of the most popular memes ever include Bad Luck Brian, a picture of a nerdy teen accompanied by an explanation of an unfortunate circumstance, The Most Interesting Man in the World, a picture of Jonathan Goldsmith that spread from a 2006 Dos Equis beer commercial, and more. The website Digital Trends created a list of what they consider the top ten most popular memes over time. Inbound Marketing Agents’ website has its own list including Chemistry Cat, a cat with glasses and a bow tie making nerdy chemistry jokes, the Worst Girlfriend Ever, a picture of a girl accompanied by the worst traits a person could desire in a girlfriend, and more.

From humor, news, and personal blogs to videos, pictures, websites, and more, the internet has loads of resources and wells of information for almost everyone. Take a moment and thank the founders on Internaut Day for providing a place to learn, work, and experience things from across the world.

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