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MSG Productions a division of MSGPR provides Public Relations and Production services available to the legal community.

Media Relations

“Get me in the news” or “get me out of the news!” Many times, the way your case plays in the media can make the difference in the how it plays in the courtroom. Let us be a part of your team.


Our team of videographers are trained to record your deposition. Our depositions are recorded in professional High Definition format and duplicates are available in MPEG4 formats as standard, but can be provided in almost any format.

Videoed depositions solve many problems of including a witness’s testimony at trial, including:

*Inability of the witness to physically be present at trial, due to illness, hospitalization or other reasons.

*Taking testimony of remote witnesses.

*Cost of getting the witness to trial.

*Pre-screening of the witness’s suitability and credibility.

*Cost of expert witness’s time spent traveling to trial location.

*Replay of witness’s contradictory testimony during trial.

Videotape is the best method to effectively present the visual and verbal communication cues of the witness. It is the best alternative to a live appearance of an unavailable key witness.


The goal of this type of video presentation, also known as “Activities of Daily Living”, is to show the jury that the plaintiff’s life has been changed. It is not inherently inflammatory and is not intended to arouse the sympathy of the jury. The point is to honestly and accurately show how the plaintiff’s routine and normal life has been changed by his or her handicap, and to help the jury measure the loss.

Video has the ability to place an audience into the daily life struggles of the plaintiff and give the jury the opportunity to understand what the plaintiff has to live with.

Most personal injury cases represents a potential use of this trial tool.

Re-creations & Documentation

Re-creation videos are very useful in providing all parties with a more accurate understanding of an accident’s details. Either side can use these videos to reinforce or highlight a particular point of their case. The video is shot on location at the same time of day as the original accident to capture the best reproduction of the actual event.


A video record of before and after conditions at a construction site is vital for liability protection for developers, builders and contractors. These videos can be used by a builder to show that a job was completed according to specification, or used by the developer to show that a job was not completed according to specification. A video record of the construction site made by a disinterested 3rd party professional videographer is the best way to document either situation.

Editing and DVD/CD Copies

MSGPR has a complete non-linear editing facility with the capability to quickly and professionally edit professional or amateur videotapes.

Examples of editing:

* Edit a demonstrative video

* Edit video from a law enforcement agency

* Show activities of daily living

* Edit amateur video into a more professional presentation

* Edit to comply with opposing counsel’s request

* Edit to comply with a judge’s instructions

In most cases, pre-existing home movies, videos and photographs can be tastefully edited to give an accurate representation of the victim’s physical condition, family relations and home life prior to injury.

Video can also be shot to show the victim’s present condition, explaining the loss that had been induced by the injury.

A script can be professionally written and narrated to accompany the video presentation.


Audio and Video Forensics

MSGPR has the experience and equipment to do analysis of video and audio.  Member of the Audio Engineering Society and The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute.

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