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Happy Internaut Day!

Today is Internaut Day. Internaut Day celebrates the day that Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, forever opening the internet to the public. Today, 25 years after his creation, Internaut Day is a renowned cult holiday on the web. It is trending on Twitter right now. The title Internaut, muc

What Is It Like To Be A Part Of A Productions Team?

Production work is a monster tamed by organized chaos, teamwork, experience, and a thick skin. Each form of productions we do here at MSG is different. Producing an event versus a video versus a website is completely different. However, all kinds of productions require these things to be successful.

Teacher Conservation Institute

For the past few summers, MSG has been able to accompany a group of teachers during the Teachers Conservation Institute. This July, we followed teachers as they learned depths of information about conserving our land and how to incorporate conservation information into their lessons. We took picture

Lead Tech Camp 2016

Every year, the MSG team teaches student worship leaders all about the aspects of technology in worship at the Southern Baptists of Texas Lead Camp. So, from July 26 to 30 we were at the Trinity Pines Conference Center bringing video, graphic, lighting, and more technology to student worship leaders


Comicpalooza is Texas’ largest comic and pop culture convention. It is located in Houston and occurs in June every year. MSG provided the camera coverage and projectors for the Comicpalooza panels. This event included a J-Fashion show, cosplay contest, film festival, literary conference, code fe

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