What Is It Like To Be A Part Of A Productions Team?

What Is It Like To Be A Part Of A Productions Team?

ballet-545291_640Production work is a monster tamed by organized chaos, teamwork, experience, and a thick skin. Each form of productions we do here at MSG is different. Producing an event versus a video versus a website is completely different.

However, all kinds of productions require these things to be successful.


Teamwork is absolutely necessary when working productions. It especially applies to event and video production, but it is also really useful in website production.

When working an event, one needs to be able to trust that their team members will complete the job assigned. Being able to work together is very important. Trying to work with people who are angry, selfish, distant, etc. will cause problems when also having to deal with the chaos of all the other backstage work going on.

Teamwork means learning to be OK with getting shortsighted or overwhelmed in the moment. It means keeping a cool head even when the situation is dire. It means making an effort to work well with the team available.


It is very difficult to attempt to teach a person a job or skill while being expected to perform said job or skill well. It is best to keep at least two to three experienced people on a team, depending on the scale of the job. An inexperienced video tech should not be left to handle expensive video equipment alone.

Of course, this varies on the level of ‘inexperience’ a person has. It requires individual judgement of the situation. If a client wants a website done with features that require extensive knowledge of coding, an inexperienced web tech will take a very long time to do so and probably develop a headache while doing so.

In the long-run, experience is such a valuable tool, some employers choose it over education.

Thick Skin

In the heat of the job, some workers in the productions field will get verbally and visibly angry to anyone and everyone on sight.

Is this the best way to conduct a job? No! However, it happens. So, a person looking into a job in productions must decide whether or not he or she has or wishes to develop a thick skin. Sensitivity is not a good thing to bring backstage.


Some people love productions work; some people hate productions work. Productions work suits a certain type of person, and others tend to enjoy and be unaware of how much effort is put into the convention, game, movie, TV show, or website.

Such is the way in the life of a productions team member.

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